What We Believe

We’re all in a different place – spiritually. This might be your first time in church, or maybe your first time back to church in a long time. Or, you might come to church every week, but recent experiences have caused you to doubt. Wherever you are, we pray that this worship experience will help you to take one small step towards being sure. If a conversation or a prayer would help, the Connexion Leadership Team is here for you, just let us know!

When the time is right for you to commit your life to Christ, recommit your life to Christ, or become a member of the AUMC Church Family, we are ready to celebrate with you! During the response song each week, the altar is open for prayer. During the closing song, if you wish to join our church, just come forward and let us know! If you wish to talk about membership before taking the next step, our pastors would love to meet with you. You can schedule a time by calling the church office @ 281-852-1000.

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